Random Cam Story:

 My job causes me to travel quite a bit, and like most business travelers, I often find myself sitting by myself in hotel rooms bored to death. The choices are to do more work or stare at the TV.

This evening was no different. I had spent the last few hours in the hotel bar and decided to bring a few drinks to the room and retire.

There was nothing on the TV, except those hotel fuck flicks, and I wasn't quite ready to call it a night. I turned on my laptop and bolstered by the several cocktails I had consumed, decided to surf the web for some of those sites where lots of people chat and cam and sometimes get naked. If I was really lucky, I would be able to do all three.

I had done this several times before when on the road and bored, so I knew a few places to look where semi normal people would spend the evening playing games. I would never do this sort of thing at home. I had gotten my wife Jessie drunk one night and tried to get her to play with me on one of those sites and it was a complete flop. She had no desire to expose herself to the world and she let me know in no uncertain terms that those who thought that it was cool were probably perverts. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. Other than that little difference, Jessie and I had a pretty cool marriage and it had lasted over twenty years. Our sex life was good. I knew better then to try and push the envelope with her so we stayed in the plain vanilla category.

Getting back to the story, there was one site that broke down the viewers by M/F or couples. I looked at the profiles of the females and checked out who was camming. I must have looked in on several cam sessions, some good looking, some not. On a few, I even tried to say hello but did not get any replies or a curt, busy reply. It has been my experience that the women on these sites seem to have no trouble attracting the males, but the same is not true in reverse.

I checked this one profile out and when I saw she was on cam, I decided to take a peek. The profile, with no picture, said she was from the Midwest, married, in her mid forties, and looking to cam.

I took all this info to mean that with no picture, she was fat, 50+ and not receiving too many calls to pose for playboy. But what the hell, Playgirl hadn't called me to pose and I didn't even have a camera.

When I viewed her webcam, there was no one there. The cam was set to look at the bed and that was what I saw. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a movement in the corner of the screen. Then the camera was being moved and the next thing that I saw was a woman sitting in a computer chair. The view showed me a nice stomach partially covered by an open robe. I was also privileged to view a very nice pair of tits covered by a very skimpy lace bra. She appeared to be in her late forties but she was by no means fat and although I was not able to see her facial features, I had the feeling she was not ugly.

As I continued to watch, it became obvious that she was engaged in conversation with at least one person. The site showed how many people were viewing her webcam and she was averaging about 35 viewers.

I decided to take a chance and say a polite "hello".

A few minutes later, very much to my surprise, she responded with a nice "hello" back.

"What are you up to tonight?"

I replied that I was just checking out the site, and that I very much was enjoying the view.

We chatted for several minutes and I was actually beginning to think that I might be able to Convince her to improve the view by discarding some of those clothes when she wrote, "Do you Have a cam tonight?"

I replied "Sorry, I didn't bring it with me this trip, I was in a hurry and forgot to pack the darned thing."

"I'm sorry to, you seem like a cool guy and it might have been fun. My other half is gone tonight and I had planned to cam-to-cam with someone. I'm going to sign off with you, find me again when you have your cam. We might both enjoy the evening."

"I don't mind if you continue to watch, in fact, I might even enjoy thinking that you are."

With that, the connection was gone. I was still watching her cam but we were no longer in a chat.

I continued to watch for quite awhile and while it was obvious that she was chatting, the view did not change.

Although it was a nice view, I was just about ready to shut down the computer and hit the sack. While we had been chatting, I had managed to strip down to a towel and had done a good job of getting a hard on, but minus the chat and watching someone in their underwear over an extended period of time had taken care of the hard on. I was deciding if I was going to watch a fuck flick to help me finish off that I had started when I detected a little change in her movements.

Her one hand was now massaging her stomach, and every once in awhile, she would gently caress her breast.

'The hell with the fuck flick," I think I have some action here. It seemed that she had found someone to chat with and things were beginning to get very interesting.

Over the next several minutes, she started to focus on her breasts and soon she had removed her tit's from the confines of the bra and then in her next move, the bra was gone altogether.

She began pinching her nipples and was moving in her chair as if to music. Her nipples were standing out at least a half inch and I think her video viewer was directing her actions and she was doing as she was told.

She reached up to adjust the camera, as she was moving it, I caught a quick glimpse of her computer monitor. The man that she was chatting with became visible. He looked like a young guy. He was completely naked and stroking a very large cock. When the camera finally came to its new resting place, I was looking directly up between her legs. She was wearing light colored lace panties that seemed to match her bra. The camera also revealed that her panties were very wet. The young man directing the show seemed to have captured her total attention and was doing a good job of getting her hot.

She sat back and then slowly began to massage herself on the outside of her panties. The damp spot that I had noticed earlier had become very large. Every so often her finger would move inside the panties gently massaging her wet pussy lips.

Her video lover must have wanted to se more and directed her to remove the panties. Slowly she lowered her panties and revealed her very beautiful pussy. I could not speak for her cam mate but my cock was standing at attention and ready for action. I had to stop stroking my cock because I did not want to cum yet.

I now had a clear view of her pussy. It was almost completely shaved with only the popular landing strip of soft hair.

Casting the panties aside, she returned to her task of pleasing herself and putting on a show for her video playmate. She had spread her legs wide apart and was holding her pussy lips open to reveal her swollen clit. She was having a good time and giving her clit all the attention it was calling for.

As she continued to massage her clit, she would then ease one, then two fingers into her soaking pussy. It was very easy to see the juices seeping from her pussy and running down her smooth thighs. She would on occasion take one of her fingers and put it in her mouth and taste her juices. If her actions were still being directed by her play partner, he was doing a hell of a job

Over the next several minutes, the action began to speed up. I could tell that she would soon reach a climax. The juices were flowing even more from her pussy. I would have loved to be able to put my tongue in her moist hole. I was trying to pace myself so that when she climaxed, I would shoot my cum the same time. She would never know but we would be having a mutual orgasm.

Her hips raised up off the chair and she convulsed with passion. Her fingers rapidly rubbed her clit up and down. Although I was unable to hear her, I could tell she was shouting to her playmate. Her pussy arched up from the chair as she climaxed. Fluids flowed from her satisfied pussy.

As quickly as she had climaxed, she slowly began her descent back to earth. She was now gently rubbing her red pussy and typed a short note to he lover. If he had not cum when she had put on that show, he had to be dead. I know I sure did. Cum was all over my hands and legs.

At what I am sure was the direction of her lover, she moved her fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, and then slowly raised two fingers toward her mouth. Oh would I love to taste that sweet necter.

As her fingers left the view of the camera, she moved the camera to follow her fingers to her lips. As she slowly inserted her wet fingers into her mouth, I was given the opportunity to get a view of the person who had just given me one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced.

As I looked into her face, I dropped my dick and gasped "Jessie!"

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